Hey, I'm Paul!

I design and code inclusive websites and web apps.

I love switching back and forth between my sketchbook and code editor, obsessing over design systems, accessible interfaces, and performant code.

I live in sunny Portland Oregon where I build accessible design systems and progressive web apps with the talented folks at Cloud Four.

In addition to designing and developing websites I enjoy writing, drawing, gardening, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

Selected Writing

I enjoy writing to share knowledge and improve my own understanding. Here are a few of my favorite articles:

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Selected Work

I enjoy creating side projects to experiment and push the boundaries of the web. Here are a few of my favorite works:


    A game where you rearrange jumbled letters to find words. The rules are simple, but the gameplay gets tricky. Built with Svelte.

    Squiggles and Dots

    A generative art playground, built with SVG, web components, and 11ty.

    Tesselation Generator

    A service to procedurally generate tesselations for use as CSS background images or SVG images. Built with Express.

    Image Compare

    A tiny, zero-dependency web component for comparing two images using a slider. Built with a focus on accessibility, performance, and progressive enhancement.

    Transition Hidden Element

    A JavaScript utility to help you use CSS transitions when showing and hiding elements with the `hidden` attribute.

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Getting in Touch

Outside of work you can find me gardening, hiking, cooking, or hanging out with my girlfriend and dog. Your best bet for getting in touch with me is reaching out over Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn.