A few projects that I'm especially proud of.

    Lorry Ipsum

    A truck-themed lorem ipsum generator I created for use in designs while working at Work Truck Solutions. Built with Express.

    Squiggles and Dots

    A generative art playground, built with SVG, web components, and 11ty.

    Tesselation Generator

    A service to procedurally generate tesselations for use as CSS background images or SVG images. Built with Express.

    The Colors of the Web

    I was curious what colors were being used by large, popular sites, so I decided to find out. maintains a list of the most visited sites on the internet. I wrote a PHP script to scrape the ten most popular sites and record all the colors used in the sites' home pages and style sheets.

    What Goes Into a Logo Design

    Over years of designing logos I created a special interface for reviewing logos. Learn about my logo design process through an interactive article

Open Source Contributions

Open source projects have been a huge help for me learning and working as a designer and developer. At Cloud Four I've had the opportunity to give back and contribute to a number of open source projects, as well as open source tools we created.

    Image Compare

    A tiny, zero-dependency web component for comparing two images using a slider. Built with a focus on accessibility, performance, and progressive enhancement.

    Role: Primary Contributor

    Elastic Textarea

    A web component for progressively-enhanced auto-expanding textareas.

    Role: Primary Contributor

    Eleventy Patterns

    (WIP) A boilerplate template used to quickly generate pattern libraries and prototyping environments

    Role: Primary Contributor

    Transition Hidden Element

    A JavaScript utility to help you use CSS transitions when showing and hiding elements with the `hidden` attribute.

    Role: Primary Contributor

    Cloud Four Guides

    Conventions, processes and notes about how we do things

    Role: Contributor

    Core Handlebars Helpers

    Handlebars helpers that we usually need

    Role: Contributor

    PWA Stats

    A directory of Progressive Web App case studies.

    Role: Contributor

    Calendar Link

    📅 Calendar link generator for popular services

    Role: Contributor

    Who Can Use

    WhoCanUse is a tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments.

    Role: Contributor

    Custom Elements Everywhere

    Making sure frameworks and custom elements can be BFFs 🍻

    Role: Contributor


    🔨 Cross-browser JavaScript library to disable scrolling page

    Role: Contributor